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Protecting the value of your business maximising the asset & reducing the risk.

Pre Sale Due Diligence

Pre-sale due diligence is critical to achieving a high sales price and favourable terms. Surprises resulting from a potential buyer’s due diligence can be detrimental. Accordingly, pre-sale preparation and due diligence should be made a part of normal operations of a business. With some budgeting and planning, issues identified can be resolved over a period of time and not at the last minute before a sale. Montgomery Consultants can perform many of these pre-sale diligence tasks, allowing owners to focus the majority of their time on running their business.

Many owners end up waiting until the exit is upon them to make time for preparing for the acquisition of their business by a potential purchaser. However, many of the actions needed to prepare the business for a sale are also appropriate actions in successfully operating and growing the business.

Due Diligence in Acquisition

Due diligence done well can provide significant insights into a target company and allows for a more informed assessment of the potential risks and anticipated benefits of the acquisition. Consequently, it is in the board's interest to emphasise the importance of and facilitate a well thought-out due diligence process as soon as practically possible.

Interim Management and Acquisition Company Integration

Protecting the value of your acquisition; maximising the asset and reducing the Risk.

  • Soon after Heads of Terms are agreed, it is important to set up an Acquisition Team (AT) that operates in parallel to the negotiation team, well in advance of the exchange and completion day.
  • The most effective ATs involve senior staff from the acquired company working with the acquirer management before the deal actually takes place.
  • We have extensive proven experience as the Integration Leader, utilising our experience in Integrations making every effort to anticipate, prevent and resolve problems without the distraction of also having another day job.
  • We recognise the limitations of due diligence and can adapt plans and goals as new information comes to light.
  • We make risk control and communication integral to all implementation activities. We ensure the Integration Leader works closely with top management so you can control risk and deal with issues fast.
  • We can enable a major focus on staff integration and wellbeing, which is often vital in such a people centred industry. First Impressions Count and People buy People.
  • We can refocus the trading KPI’s of the target Company quickly so they count things in the same way as the Acquirer, to give you effective trading control faster.
  • Finally, we recognise that Integration of new companies can take some time and impact on resources available for the acquiring company and for other strategic initiatives.


Training where it's needed - Montgomery Consultants are committed to the personal development of all employees and at all levels of management and that tailored training enables each person to maximise their potential and develop a long-term career within the firm they represent.

Most of our training and development is provided in-house, within your company, and includes a wide variety of subjects such as management development, sales and lettings negotiation, property management training, customer care, presentation skills, time management and financial management.

Systems and processes

We have extensive experience with developing Industry Specific Residential Letting and Management systems within all sizes of company. Building safeguards that enable main board directors to view their business with greater confidence and risk minimization.

New business start-up

Clients have proven results in our 10-point strategy for new business start-up. We have refined our many years of qualified industry experience to produce a dynamic format that reduces risk and maximises business potential.

Having developed many businesses over the years our directors are well versed in start-up and the need for rational decision making in a fast moving industry.